Center for Research

The Center for Research (CFR) promotes quality research practices, scholarship, and creative endeavors through its key activities. CFR activities include coordination of the university’s:

  • Institutional Review Board
  • Research Advisory Board
  • Provision of Research Integrity Training and Research Workshops
  • Annual Symposium for Research Scholarship and Creativity
  • Research Guidelines & Resources
  • Annual Faculty Research & Scholarship Report

Through the coordination of these activities the CFR plays a vital role in supporting students and faculty in the production and dissemination of authentic, ethical and impactful research, scholarship and creative endeavors.

By combining the diverse research strengths, scholarship and creative activities of Madonna University faculty and students we create a collaborative and dynamic environment for learning, knowledge generation and real-world problem solving that contributes to the economic, scientific, and social welfare of our community and society.

This website provides access to our university Academic Research Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, Research Integrity Training Resources, Institutional Review Board Guidelines, and eIRB application processes for ensuring the basic rights and protections of research participants.

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Director CFR Coordinator
Dr. Deborah Dunn Donna Bryden
Dean, The Graduate School & Center for Research 734-432-5666


Contact Center for Research at:

Location Contact Information
Main Academic Building 734-432-5666
Office 2107
 e-IRB – Online Research Application Submission System

Welcome to the new e-IRB Online Research Application Submission System! All IRB applications must now be submitted electronically for review. Please use the appropriate user manual below to guide you through the submission process.

 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Forms

Follow these steps to select the correct forms.

Step 1: Use this form to determine which type of research review to request. If you believe your project does not involve
human subjects, their records, or data in any way, you may call the Center for Research (734-432-5666) to discuss it with
the Director or IRB Chair to determine if an application is needed.

Submit completed form with your application to the Center for Research.

Step 2: Complete Appropriate Application Form.

Step 3: Complete Appropriate Appendices indicated in the Application form (Step 2).
Guidance Documents


Step 4: Obtain required signatures and approvals.

Step 5: Follow instructions on first page of Application for bundling and naming documents.

Step 6: Submit Completed Application with all documents to

Additional Forms
These forms may be used when the investigator needs IRB review at two or more institutions. All human subject research done at Madonna University must be reviewed/approved by MU Institutional Review Board (IRB) through initial review using forms above (for MU students and faculty) or agreement using forms below.

MU IRB of Record Authorization Agreement (used when MU approves proposal but research is to be conducted at another institution with OHRP-approved IRB with FWA)
External IRB of Record Collaboration Agreement (used when investigators from two or more institutions with OHRP-approved IRB with FWA, including MU, are involved)
External IRB of Record Authorization Agreement (used when proposal approved by another OHRP-approved IRB with FWA but research is to be conducted at MU)

IRB approval expires after one year. Use this form to reapply and extend approval. (Investigators with research given an exempt approval are not required to resubmit.)

Research Integrity and Misconduct

 Research Integrity Training

How to Access the Blackboard BLK___UNV_3000

  1. On the Madonna University Web Home page, select Blackboard from the Quick Links drop-down menu.
  2. On the Blackboard page, click User Login.
    1. Faculty: username is your first initial and last name. Password is your grade Entry Web module password. If you regularly use Blackboard, use that password. This may vary, so, if you have any problems with this, contact the Help Desk.
    2. Student: username is student ID number. Password is your PIN.
  3. On the “Welcome” page, click the Courses tab at the top.
  4. Type “Research Integrity Training” in the Course Search box and click Go.
  5. Find Research Integrity Training on the page and click the small gray circle near the course title.
  6. Click Enroll
  7. Congratulations! You are now enrolled in the training.
  8. Once enrolled, the training will show up on your login page and you can click on it to enter or you may enter it from the current page.
  9. You will be taken to the announcement page and given instructions for completing the training.
 Research Guidelines

The Ethical Principles of the American Psychological Association

Research Requirements
(1) Thesis Defined
(2) Human Subjects Review Committee
(3) The Nuremberg Code
(4) Procedure for Human Subjects Review Process
(5) Criteria for Exempt, Expedited, or Full Review
(6) Report of Possible Research Misconduct

Nursing Research Procedures
(1) Research Competency: MSN Level
(2) Research Competency: DNP-Practice Doctorate Level
(3) Capstone Experience Project (CEP) Guidelines
(4) DNP Capstone Experience Procedures and Policies
(5) Constituting the CEP Committee
(6) Composition and Qualifications of CEP Committee Designation
(7) Development of Proposal/Qualifying Examination/Assessment
(8) Doctoral Candidacy
(9) Graduation Application
(10) Completing the Degree Requirements
(11) Continuing Enrollment
(12) Guidelines for the DNP CEP Public Presentation
(13) DNP CEP Process
(14) Recommended Outline for a CEP Proposal
(15) Grading Criteria
(16) General Pointers regarding Manuscript Preparation

Requirements for Formatting Manuscripts
(1) Title
(2) Approval
(3) Copyright
(4) Abstract
(5) Acknowledgments
(6) Table of Contents
(7) List of Figures
(8) Appendixes
(9) References
(10) Bibliography
(11) Autobiography
(12) Style
(13) Paper
(14) Margins
(15) Type
(16) Corrections
(17) Spacing
(18) Tables/Figures
(19) Pagination
(20) Running Head
(21) Indentation
(22) Upper/lower case
(23) Proofreading
(24) Printing
(25) Photocopy
(26) Binding
(27) Microfilm
(28) MSN Research Presentations
(29) MSBA Research Project/Thesis Procedures
(30) Comment APA Format Errors to Avoid

Business Research Project/Thesis Procedures
(1) MSBA Project/Thesis Procedures
(2) MSBA Leadership Studies
(3) MSBA Quality and Operations Management
(4) MSBA International Business
(5) Comparison of Thesis and Project
(6) Thesis/Research Project Schedule
(7) MSBA Recommended Project Structure

Hospice and Palliative Studies Research Procedures
(1) Guidelines for Capstone Project Option
(2) Research Competency
(3) Procedures
(4) Selection of a Capstone Project Advisor
(5) Format for Capstone Project
(6) Action Steps for Capstone Project Options
(7) Recommended Outline for a Capstone Project Proposal
(8) IRB Specifications
(9) General Pointers Regarding Capstone Project Manuscript Preparation
(10) Presentation Requirement
(11) Grading Criteria
(12) Application for Degree
(13) Guidelines for Thesis Option
(14) Research Ideas and Focus of Study
(15) Research Competency
(16) Procedures
(17) Selection of a Research Advisor
(18) Format for Research Thesis
(19) Action Steps for Thesis Option
(20) Recommended Outline(s) and Content for Thesis
(21) Presentation Requirement
(22) Grading Criteria
(23) Application for Degree

Clinical Psychology Research Procedures
(1) Procedure Checklist
(2) Thesis Procedure

(1) Title Page
(2) Approval Page
(3) Copyright
(4) Abstract Page
(5) Table of Contents
(6) Chapter Heading
(7) List of Tables
(8) List of Figures
(9) List of Appendixes
(10) Table Sample
(11) Figure Sample
(12) Letter of Permission for copyrighted material