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Office of Study Abroad

Ready to embark on an international adventure? Study abroad trips allow you to broaden your worldview, gain a new sense of independence, hone skills to boost your career opportunities, and earn credits toward your degree, all while traveling abroad.

Students have the opportunity to take engaging study abroad courses that fulfill general education goals. Most of our courses involve short-term travel (1-3 weeks abroad), but we also provide options for semester and year-long study overseas. Students can also work with our office to customize a program of study with other organizations or international institutions.

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Office of Study Abroad
Room 1501 
Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      John Magee, M.A.
Assistant Vice President for
Academic Planning and Study Abroad
 Short-Term Programs

These courses involve a semester of study at Madonna and then a 1-3 week trip abroad. The travel portion takes place during Winter Break, Spring Break, or the Spring-Summer semester. The following study abroad programs will be offered for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.

Upcoming study abroad programs for 2018-2019

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United Kingdom
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For information concerning these trips, please contact the Office for Study Abroad.

 Independent Study Abroad

To receive credit for independent travel, a student must make an appointment with John Magee to fill out the appropriate paperwork. The student will also need to meet with his or her faculty advisor and the faculty member directing the independent study.

The criteria for the student’s research project are determined before the travel takes place. It is generally recommended that students do some preliminary research. An example of such a project is a paper that reflects the findings of the student on such areas as comparative government, the humanities, monuments, living conditions, economy, historical or cultural sights, or environmental problems and solutions.

 Student Testimonials

“It was an eye opener seeing a whole different world and how they function in health care. It was amazing to see how they have so little resources but yet are surviving, doing well and still happy. It helped me as a future nurse to practice cultural humility as I prepare to work with the diverse population of the United States.”

-Danielle Pernicano, Philippines 2016

“Studying abroad with Madonna University has been the most enriching academic and worldly experience. Traveling to another country with my classmates while studying classes that are relevant to my major has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I am grateful is offered at Madonna University. I have gained a new sense of independence and a stronger value for diversity.”

-Kaleen Snowdon, London 2016

“It has opened me up to new cultures and new stories. I love stories and legends, which I actually discovered last year when I went on the study abroad to Poland. This study abroad helped shape that and I have now gained a new insight into a whole different culture that will certainly stay with me for the rest of my life. It was also amazing to walk where my ancestors were and see where they lived, which has given me a whole new connection back to my roots and history. All of this has helped me contribute to my own story and actually has given me the inspiration to write again, which I had been failing to do before I left.”

-Amanda Bourque, Ireland 2016

“I would most definitely recommend a study abroad experience to my peers. In fact, if possible, take every opportunity that's available. It's extremely rare to find travel opportunities where you are guaranteed to come home with eternal knowledge and memories, friendships, college credit, and experience of a completely different culture that you may never get the chance to experience again.”

-Sierra Paul, London 2016

“Study abroad has made me appreciate the world we live in more. By seeing other people's cultures and sharing those experiences with them, I expand my horizons. Knowing there are worlds beyond your own and seeing them are two very different things.”

-Stephanie Mackley, Ireland 2016