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Sign Language Interpreting Studies Plan of Study

Sign Language Interpreting Studies Major: Bach Arts | Sign Language Interpreting Studies Major - Prereq: Bach Arts | Sign Lang Interpreting Studies Major - Rec Sup: Bach Arts
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Sign Language Interpreting Studies Major: Bach Arts


   Major Courses (60 cr. to be chosen)


      Major Core Courses (35 cr. to be chosen)

         SLS 1020   Beginning American Sign Language II 4 cr.  Development of basic ASL communication skills with appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures. Emphasis on communicative and linguistic functions. Prerequisite: SLS 1010 or placement. Thirty hours of laboratory practicum required. 
         SLS 2010   Intermediate American Sign Language I 4 cr.  First level of immediate instruction and review of ASL grammatical features with further development of communication functions at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: SLS 1020 or placement. Thirty hours of laboratory practicum required for SLS 2010. 
         SLS 2020   Intermediate American Sign Language II 4 cr.  Second level of immediate instruction and review of ASL grammatical features with further development of communication functions at the intermediate level. Prerequisite: SLS 2010 or placement. Thirty hours of laboratory practicum required for SLS 2020. 
         SLS 2310   Deaf Culture 3 cr.  A survey of sociocultural factors that define Deaf persons as members of a cultural minority. Examination of Deaf history, exploration of cultural characteristics of Deaf persons, and an examination of contributions of Deaf persons to American society. Corequisite: SLS 2020. 
         SLS 3010   Advanced American Sign Language I 3 cr.  Advanced American Sign Language development with a focus on English and ASL content and text analysis to increase student vocabulary and understanding of ASL syntactical patterns. Communicative dialogues will emphasize sociocultural aspects of deafness. Prerequisite: SLS 2020. 
         SLS 3020   Advanced American Sign Language II 3 cr.  Continued advanced ASL development with further emphasis on sociocultural and historical considerations of deaf heritage. Prerequisite: SLS 3010. 
         SLS 3290   Fingerspelling and Numbers in ASL 2 cr.  Concentrated instruction in practice of fingerspelling, numbering, and loan signs at increasing levels of complexity. Corequisite: SLS 3010. 
         SLS 3810   American Sign Language: Registers 3 cr.  An examination of the impact of register (frozen, informal, formal, consultative, and intimate) on language. Emphasis on identification and practice of vocabulary and grammatical constructs specific to a variety of situations and registers in ASL, with exploration of parallels in English. Prerequisite: SLS 3020. 
         SLS 4010   American Sign Language: Discourse 3 cr.  Ongoing interaction in Sign Language. Students are required to prepare lectures, presentations (informative, descriptive, etc.), and conduct interviews in American Sign Language. Prerequisite: SLS 3020. 
         SLS 4220   American Sign Language: Structure 4 cr.  Analysis of the symbolic and linguistic structure of American Sign Language and other Sign systems. Includes aspects of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, grammar, and discourse. Examination of bilingual and bicultural practices, sociolinguistics, and related research. Prerequisite: SLS 3020. 
         SLS 4950   Senior Seminar 2 cr.  Capstone course for senior-level students in the Department of Sign Language Studies. Students construct electronic/video portfolios of their academic and professional work in the respective areas of concentration (either Deaf Studies or Interpreting). After passing a written comprehensive examination, the culminating demonstration of students' program accomplishments is made through a presentation to peers and faculty. To be taken in the student's final academic year of the program. 

      Interpreting Courses (25 cr. to be chosen)

         SLS 3410   Fundamentals of Interpretation and Transliteration 3 cr.  Introduction to the theory, practice, and criticism of interpretation and transliteration: simultaneous and consecutive. Study of various models of the interpreting and transliterating processes, problems of linguistic and communicative equivalence, historical foundations, and professional issues. Prerequisite: cumulative GPA of 3.0 in SLS courses; departmental approval. 
         SLS 4250   Contrastive Text Analysis: ASL and English for Interpreters 3 cr.  Analysis of various texts in ASL and English to identify structures unique to one language or the other. Problems of translation and/or interpretation. Includes discussion of cross-cultural communication between deaf and hearing cultures. Prerequisite: SLS 4850. 
         SLS 4450   Simultaneous Interpretation for Interpreters 3 cr.  A practical course in the process of interpreting from ASL to English and from English to ASL. Emphasis is on a sociolinguistic model of interpretation. Related linguistic processes are examined. Prerequisite: SLS 3410. 
         SLS 4610   English to ASL: Interpreting Laboratory 3 cr.  Development of skills in spoken English to ASL interpreting. Audio- and videotaped discourse is interpreted into ASL, and recorded and analyzed with the instructor. Prerequisite: SLS 4450. 
         SLS 4750   Interpreting in Specialized Settings 1 cr. (Not To Exceed 3 cr.)  Emphasis on specialized settings in which interpreters are expected to function. A range of interpreting settings and situations is examined, such as: deaf/blind, hospital/medical, religious, and community-based situations. Prerequisite: SLS 3410. 
         SLS 4810   ASL to English: Interpreting Laboratory 3 cr.  Focus on ASL to spoken English interpreting. Videotapes and in-class speakers provide interpreting exercises for the student. ASL to English interpreting techniques discussed and put into practice. Prerequisite: SLS 4450. 
         SLS 4850   Advanced Interpreting Laboratory 2 cr.  A targeted, in-depth synthesis of English to ASL/ASL to English skills for both interpreting and transliterating. Includes individual and peer assessment through analysis of weekly laboratory assignments. Discussion and practice of specialized techniques and settings, such as team interpreting, video relay interpreting, and sight interpreting. Prerequisites: SLS 4610 and SLS 4810. 
         SLS 4900   Interpreter Assessment and Credentialing 2 cr.  Preparation for state and national certification examinations for professional interpreters. Exposure to the written and performance testing experience. Requires successful completion of state written examination and completion of national written qualifying examination. (Examination fees include membership in the Michigan Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.) Includes opportunities for students to experience simulated examinations. Prerequisite: SLS 4850. 
         SLS 4930   Field Observation: ASL Interpreting 2 cr.  Observation of sign language interpretation within the community in a variety of settings including educational, religious, medical, legal, corporate, and others. Prerequisites: SLS 4850 and departmental approval. 
         SLS 4940   Field Practicum: ASL Interpreting 2 cr.  Practicum conducted in settings equipped to provide application of interpreting/transliterating principles. Includes in-depth experiences in delivering interpreting services within the confines of state and national law. Provides experiences with various age groups, language preferences, and interpreting models reflective of current practices in the profession. Requires guided reflection with instructor on regular basis. Prerequisite: SLS 4930. 
Sign Language Interpreting Studies Major - Prereq: Bach Arts    

   Major Prerequisites

      SLS 1000   Sign Language in Society 3 cr.  A survey of American Sign Language and Deaf culture. Emphasis on Sign language structure, history, and usage. Discussion of a sociocultural perspective of Deaf people including readings from anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and education. Includes an examination of American attitudes toward Sign language and Deaf culture. 
      SLS 1010   Beginning American Sign Language I 4 cr.  Development of basic ASL communication skills with appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures. Emphasis on communicative and linguistic functions. Prerequisite or corequisite: SLS 1000. Thirty hours of laboratory practicum required. 
Sign Lang Interpreting Studies Major - Rec Sup: Bach Arts    

   Recommended Support

      COM 2350   Public Speaking: Theory and Practice 3 cr.  Focus on the building of public speaking skills needed in education, personal life, and careers in order to effectively communicate thoughts and feelings. Students evaluate the communication efforts of others and increase their critical listening skills. 
      ENG 2080   Approaches to Grammar 3 cr.  A linguistics course providing an historical sketch of the development of the English language, examining the interplay between theory of language and approaches to the study of grammar. By analyzing English phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, the course shows the changing nature of language and emphasizes how that change is influenced by politics and culture. The effects of dialect and register on communication in English are explored. Applications to teaching grammar in elementary and secondary settings are examined. 
      NSC 1250   Health Problems (FCS/NFS/NSC*) 4 cr.  Biological approach to health and disease in man. Study of drugs, smoking, alcohol, venereal disease, sex education, nutrition, heredity, and topics of current interest. (For non-science majors.) 
      SLS 2110   Orientation to Deafness 3 cr.  A survey of clinical and developmental aspects of hearing and deafness. Includes discussion of basic audiology, deaf education, and communicative implications of hearing loss. Prerequisite: SLS 1000. 
      SLS 4710   Selected Seminar Topics 1 cr.  Workshops or seminars include topics related to the Deaf community, Deaf culture, Sign Language, education, and related issues. (May be repeated for credit, as topics vary.) 
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