Arts & Humanities

Kevin EysterThe disciplines taught in the College of Arts and Humanities are a vital part of a true Liberal Arts education, regardless of your ultimate career goals. They enhance our understanding and appreciation of what it means to be human, with all the potential for creativity and destruction, good and evil, love and brutality which Mankind’s conflicted history of achievements and tragedy invites us to examine. We hope you’ll appreciate the opportunity our College offers to study at least a few of the wonderfully diverse modes of expression of the human spirit and leave us with your arms wide open to the world and to new experience.

However, the major programs offered in the five departments housed in the College of Arts and Humanities can also lead to a wide variety of useful and highly satisfying careers. Our graduates often enter the fields of education, the fine and performing arts (including Graphic Design and Music Management), pastoral ministry, foreign service, human relations and community service, and a variety of communication fields utilizing all media of 21st century communication. What unites our academic offerings is a commitment to understand the past, grapple with significant issues of the present, and envision a future in which Arts and Humanities graduates utilize their learned knowledge base and critical thinking skills in careers which permit them to express their creative as well as their practical abilities, doing work that is both personally fulfilling and of service to others.

Schedule a campus visit to experience the intellectually challenging, personally caring, academic community of Madonna University where educating/nurturing the whole individual is our goal.

Kevin Eyster, PhD
Professor of English
Chair, Language, Literature, Communication and Writing
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Humanities