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Why Study Fine Arts at Madonna University?

Fine artists are visionary project managers who make new things happen in the world. The fine Arts Major develops conceptualizing abilities, technical expertise and imagination skills needed for creating visually meaningful expressive projects. The Fine Arts Major is a studio-based program of study that professionally prepares graduates for leadership in visually expressive creative careers.

The Fine Arts program combines hands-on Studio Art and Art History experiences with opportunities to develop personal style and professional expertise through original independent and collaborative projects. Generating a comprehensive body of original artwork, developing a corresponding portfolio and showing in exhibitions are key expectations in the Fine Arts Major.

Fine Arts Major coursework moves from introductory Art Foundations courses in Drawing, Painting, Ceramics and Printmaking to student selected concentrations in one of these four areas. Art History courses are engaging, with hands-on creative learning and Detroit Institute of Arts tours. A wide set of elective Art offerings are included. During the Seminar course seniors determine all aspects of student-run Senior Exhibition.

Careers Enhanced or New Skills to:
Independent Artist Show and sell in galleries, art fairs and on the Web, all media. For example, original jewelry, ceramics, paintings, prints, sculpture.
Commissioned Artist Provide customized artwork services. For example, create portraits, sculptures, or murals, at times for specific locations.

Work with authors and publishers to create original artwork for that publication.

Exhibit & Display Designer Plan style, create arrangement of displays for events or retail areas.
Maker Space Instructor Provide technical support, consultation and recommendations for maker space artists create using unique equipment.
Arts Administrator Coordinate Art-connected services in organizations including galleries, foundations, museums, “maker spaces,” and art fairs.
Graduate Education or Art Teacher Preparation Continue specialized education to gain the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree or Art Education teacher certification in the Visual Arts.