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Why Study Educational Technology through the Graduate Program at Madonna University?

  • Fully online, so you can access the program anytime, anywhere
  • Learn to integrate technology across the curriculum
  • Low student to teacher ratio means personal support
  • Pursue the NP endorsement alone or incorporate it into your master’s
  • Rigorous program with an excellent reputation
  • Learn from anywhere you have an internet connection – you can complete this degree 100% online

The master’s degree in Education Technology offers currently certified K-12 teachers the knowledge to implement technology into their classroom instruction. The coursework prepares you to apply for the NP endorsement from the Michigan Department of Education. As you build your professional network with fellow students and instructors, you will learn to develop innovative learning practices and techniques that apply across diverse learning communities. Gain hands-on experience using educational technology to collaborate with other educators, access professional development resources, and assess the efficacy of different technology tools for instructional purposes.

Career Opportunities   Grad Schools Attended by Alumni   Employers of Alumni
General Education Teacher   Educational Specialist   Public schools and agencies in the tri-county Metro Detroit area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas
Department Head   Autism Spectrum Disorders   Private schools and agencies in the tri-county Metro Detroit area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas

Technology Consultant

  Learning Disabilities   Parochial schools and agencies in the tri-county Metro Detroit area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas

Higher Education IT

  Educational Leadership   Colleges and Universities
Higher Education Instructor   Online Teaching and eLearning    
    Higher Education and Student Affairs    
    Literacy Education    
Robin Ward

Robin Ward
Why did you choose Madonna University?
I happen to teach here. I began as a graphic designer who wanted to give back to young designers by teaching. I never dreamed I would fall in love with it so thoroughly. I now feel my teaching call as deeply as my graphic design call. I chose Madonna University because I wanted to fortify my teaching roots at a school that is excellent in its teaching programs. I love this University! The people in it (students, faculty and staff) are wonderful, and I value the educational opportunities here.

What do you think makes the experience and education at Madonna special?
There is a feeling of family and support here for me. As soon as I began working here, I could feel my roots growing deeper. As a teacher I always have felt it, but as a student, I was surprised at how much I depended on that feeling of grounded nurturing. I sincerely knew there were people who cared whether I learned and what I thought. There were people who wanted to know me, what my goals might be, and who wanted to help me achieve them.

What have you been doing since graduation, career wise? (graduate school, employer?) I have been teaching Graphic Design in the Art Department at Madonna University since 2002, and I continue to do so happily. I am in the process of utilizing more technology in my graphic design courses in the form of blogs and online collaboration opportunities for students and specific projects. I am also using what I have learned to create a more comprehensive online presence for my own art practice with the intent to offer online motivational direction to other artists or students of art.

How has your Madonna degree played a role in your current position?
Many times I was the foreigner in my education classes; a studio artist and graphic designer, learning new things from teachers and with teachers. I learned more about teaching than I could ever have hoped for and I now use many of the things I learned in my own classes. I also learned that it is possible to use technology in a hands-on studio based learning environment. I'm more eager to jump with two feet into the crossroads of technology and creative learning. I can't wait to see the new adventures I create for myself and my students, as I move forward with all the new skills I have learned.

What has been your most rewarding professional or personal experience since graduating?
Having the feeling of succeeding at something that I thought would be too hard for me to do has given me a confidence and an interest in going further with my career than I expected. Many women (and men) are raising families, working full time and going to school at the same time. It's expensive. It's hard. And it takes a long time sometimes. But I was so proud of myself for doing it. One of the best gifts of my experience is that I now have a deeper understanding of my own students, both traditional and non-traditional. I feel closer to them, and more fully guiding them to their goals, as I have been guided towards mine.


Stacy Cushman

Stacy Sharp Cushman
Why did you choose Madonna University?
Catholic schools hold a special place in my heart. I come from a family of Catholic educators. I attended Catholic Schools as a student and I now teach in a Catholic school; the atmosphere at Madonna just feels like "home". The variety of degree options and convenience of evening courses (in addition to a welcoming environment) made my decision to attend Madonna a very easy one!

What do you think makes the experience and education at Madonna special?
I really appreciated the small class sizes and the individual attention I experienced during my studies at Madonna. I was able to engage in small group discussions, collaborate with classmates, and receive frequent feedback from my instructors.
I grew through weekly conversations and experiences, and shared with classmates who were passionate about my same interests. Possibly the biggest advantage in my experience at Madonna was the fact that the majority of our instructors were active professionals in our field of study. Since graduation, I have kept in touch with several of my instructors from Madonna. Whether we communicate through Twitter, with a quick email, or over lunch at a professional workshop, these people have become friends on whom I can rely for professional advice and inspiration.

What have you been doing since graduation, career wise? (graduate school, employer?)
I spent the year after graduation planning my wedding. I got married in May 2015, honeymooned in Mexico, accompanied my high school students on a February Mission Trip to Nicaragua, and now I'm back home finishing out the school year. Professionally, I have been very busy as well. I started an LLC and have put my Madonna master's degree to work doing educational technology training and presentations in schools. I've also been doing a good deal of contracted graphic design work in my free time- everything from wedding announcements and save the dates to graduation and business ads and programs.

How has your Madonna degree played a role in your current position?
I am a high school Spanish, art, and technology teacher at Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills. As part of one of my graduate courses with Madonna, I designed and implemented a professional development technology workshop for my colleagues at Marian. The experience was both fun and rewarding and so after graduation I started a small business (to supplement my high school teaching job) as an educational technology consultant. Since graduation I have taken on a larger role with technology training in my high school building. Over the past two years (either as a representative of my school and/or through my LLC) I have been visiting area schools to give workshops and presentations on Ed Tech topics such as Video Editing for the classroom, Copyright Law for teachers, MS Excel, and Google Drive. I was introduced to many of these tech topics during my graduate courses at Madonna.

What has been your most rewarding professional or personal experience since graduating?
It has been rewarding to see so many of my colleagues take up an interest in technology. There used to be a lot of "fear" in my building surrounding the idea of technology integration, but in the past 2-3 years our teachers and staff have really begun to embraced the idea of technology as a useful teaching tool. Many of those who were once hesitant are now confident and use technology proficiently in their own lessons. I am inspired by their willingness to take that plunge.

Michael Mardeusz

Why did you choose Madonna University?
I chose Madonna University for three main reasons. The first is Madonna’s reputation for having an excellent teacher education program. When I made my choice to go back to school to become an educator, I researched and talked to people in the field as to which programs were the best. Madonna was cited as number one!
I also chose Madonna because it was local. Living in Livonia I was fortunate to have a wonderful university close by. I didn’t need to travel far to get a world class educational experience. The third reason was the class sizes and accessibility of the professors. I didn’t want to be one of 50 students in a class or lecture hall with little or no contact with the professionals teaching me.

What do you think makes the experience and education at Madonna special?
There is so much that makes Madonna special. Many of the reasons I chose Madonna were realized. Classes were small and professors were accessible so I could deepen my learning and have real world conversations that helped make me successful later in my teaching career. Professors also blended pedagogy with practical applications so I could apply what I learned the first day I in the classroom.
Another reason the experience at Madonna was special was the focus on getting teaching candidates into the classroom often. Madonna goes beyond what other teaching programs will offer in time spent in placements. Madonna’s program insisted on real world, hands on experience in the classroom. The time I spent in classroom placements and the connections I made were invaluable.
The professors in the education program also armed me with a toolbox of strategies for teaching in the classroom. Much of the material taught was done so in a way to model good teaching strategies. Even after eleven years of teaching, I still call on those strategies daily. There was also an abundance of real world talk. Professors would talk honestly and openly about challenges and opportunities in the field of education. I walked into the profession with realistic expectations.
Madonna is truly a collaborative environment. Not only did I meet and get to work with many amazing classmates, I also felt comfortable and was encouraged to collaborate with the professors as well. This experience closely mirrors what one would find when working in the school environment. Collaborative work wasn’t all about getting work done to turn in, it was more focused on understanding multiple perspectives on different issues and how to coalesce different talents to achieve a goal.
The focus on technology was another way that my Madonna experience was special. Madonna realizes that technology is embedded in the education profession. Technology is seamlessly intertwined with the learning you experience as well as how you demonstrate your learning. I was so impressed with how technology was a centerpiece of the program that I came back to Madonna to get my Masters in Educational Technology.

What have you been doing since graduation, career wise? (graduate school, employer?)
As a result of my student teaching placement from Madonna I was hired in Plymouth- Canton Community Schools. I have spent my entire teaching career in the PCCS district, teaching primarily fourth and fifth grade. In my sixth year of teaching I was honored with the Mary Beth Carroll Extra Miler Award from the Plymouth- Canton Board of Education. I credit the experience and the education I received at Madonna as part of the reason I was given this award.
I went back to Madonna to further my studies and professional development. I chose the Masters in Educational Technology program and completed the program. My hope is that Madonna will offer a doctorate program in education, so I can return once again!

How has your Madonna degree played a role in your current position?
I call on my entire Madonna education daily in the classroom. I can truly say that the high expectations my professors had while I was learning and being trained have spilled over into my classroom. I consistently ask myself how I can innovate and challenge my students because that is what was modeled for me at Madonna. I also am constantly finding ways to integrate and use technology to drive my students learning. Again, this is due directly to my experience and degree at Madonna.

What has been your most rewarding professional or personal experience since graduating?
While the education profession certainly has its challenges, teachers have the joy of witnessing rewarding moments every day in our classrooms. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the smile on a student’s face when they have achieved a goal, or when they have taken on a challenge and succeeded. I get to witness students synergizing together to create the ideas that will be the future of our world. I get to watch students overcome their insecurities and fears about learning and hear them say, “I can do this!”
Teaching is my second career. My first career was in the business world. People often ask me about the difference between the two and which career has been more rewarding. I reply to each one, “My worst day in teaching is one hundred times better than my best day in the business world."