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Why Study Teach English Language Learning in K-12 Classroom Cert at Madonna University?

  • If you are a K-12 teacher who currently has English language learners in your classroom and you would like to learn how to serve their educational needs best, this certificate is for you
  • The Certificate covers both theory and best practices of teaching English language learners
  • Helps you upgrade your credentials and solidify your professional position in any school district with English language learners
  • All Certificate courses are part of coursework for ESL (NS) Endorsement approved by the Michigan Board of Education
  • All methods classes are taught by experienced ESL teachers working in various settings
  • Our class schedule and advising are tailored to fit the needs of working adults

As a student in the Madonna Graduate Certificate in Teaching English Language Learners in K-12 program, you will become part of a diverse, vibrant community of professionals dedicated to ESL education. You will gain sound foundations in second language acquisition theories, as well as in best classroom practices for English language learners. You will receive the knowledge that you will be able to apply right in your classroom and it will position you well to gain further ESL credentials. You will find that our faculty work for you, as you balance the demands of your work, family, and graduate studies to further your professional career.

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