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Why Study MAT Online Teaching and eLearning at Madonna University?

  • Fully online and accessible anytime, from anywhere
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio means more personal instruction
  • Perfect for part-time students with a full-time work commitment
  • Rigorous program with an excellent reputation
  • Learn from anywhere you have an internet connection – you can complete this degree in the classroom or 100% online

Designed for P-12 educators, corporate trainers, and higher education instructors, this master’s program will aid you in gaining a deeper knowledge of learning technologies while enhancing your online teaching pedagogy. Learn to use instructional technology to input, retrieve, organize, manipulate, evaluate, and communicate information. Develop an understanding of the ethical and legal standards of online teaching and eLearning. Expand your professional network with fellow students and instructors.

Careers   Grad School Programs   Employers of Alumni
General Education Teacher   Educational Specialist   Public Schools in the Tri-county area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas
Corporate Trainer   Educational Leadership   Private Schools in the Tri-county area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas
Online School Teacher   Education Technology   Parochial Schools in the Tri-county area, greater Michigan, out-of-state, and overseas
Technology Consultant   Higher Education and Student Affairs   Large and small corporations with a need for virtual communication and training
Higher Education Instructor       Universities
        Community Colleges

Jeremy Salo Jeremy Salo
Why did you choose Madonna University?
I really enjoyed Madonna University while earning my Bachelor of Arts. I wanted to continue my education for a Master’s of Art in Teaching at Madonna to maintain that level of instruction and individualized attention.

What do you think makes the experience and education at Madonna Special?
The high caliber of instructors, content and facilities is what makes Madonna special. The atmosphere is very friendly while perfectly blending the appropriate amount of professionalism.

What have you been doing since graduation, career wise? (graduate school, employer?)
Since attaining my MAT, I have taken on instructing more classes at Schoolcraft College and been promoted to an Adjunct Assistant Instructor. I also became the president of the Detroit chapter of the ACM SIGGRAPH organization.

How has your Madonna degree played a role in your current position?
The knowledge obtained earning my graduate degree allowed me to more effectively teach and handle a larger workload. This increases my ability to instruct up to 30 credit hours a year while still running a freelance video production business and maintaining a healthy family life.

What has been your most rewarding professional or personal experience since graduating?
The most rewarding aspect of teaching is at the conclusion of each semester. Observing the progress of both my best students and those that have special needs is beyond gratification.