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Why Study Paralegal Studies at Madonna University?

  • The program offers associate and bachelor's degrees, and a post-baccalaureate certificate. The certificate can be completed in one year of full-time study.
  • Strong full-time graduate placement rates in paralegal or legal assistant jobs result from the required internship course, with graduates employed by the top law firms, corporations, and courts in the Metro area.
  • Approved by the American Bar Association since 1984, the program has an outstanding reputation in the legal community.
  • Flexible course schedule with 10 semester hours of legal specialty courses required to be taught in the traditional classroom format.
  • Courses are taught by attorneys with experience in the legal specialties they teach.
  • More details are shared in this radio interview: www.madonna.edu/paralegal-voice

Students and graduates of the program will join over 2,000 paralegal alumni who have contributed to making the Madonna University Paralegal program the best in metropolitan Detroit. Potential employers often refer students to the program so they can be a “Madonna Paralegal." The job opportunities for paralegals are outstanding with salaries starting at approximately $38,000-$45,000 and within five years ranging from $55,000 to $85,000. After 10 years, paralegals can make over $100,000 annually. They are employed in full-time jobs with benefits in the top law firms, corporations and courts. The challenging program is an excellent undergraduate pre-law major with legal research and writing courses that prepare students very well for the first year of law school. Completion of the degree or certificate requirements does not authorize the graduate to practice law as an attorney, or provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.


Law/Grad School

Employers of Alumni

Estate Planning Madonna University Ford Motor Company-OGC
Family Law MSU College of Law Ford Motor Credit
Probate Administration University of Detroit Law Wayne County Prosecutor
Real Estate MSU Graduate School Pepper Hamilton, LLP
Banking CMU Graduate School Sommers Schwartz
Insurance Ave Maria Law School Honigman Law Firm
Risk Management University of Toledo Law Miller Canfield
Products Liability Wayne State University Law The Kitch Law Firm
Intellectual Property Thomas Cooley Law School General Motors Legal Department
Corporate Law   U.S. Attorney's Office
Government   U.S. Department of Justice
Elder Law   Federal Court-Eastern District of MI
Litigation   Oakland County Circuit Court
Heather Cosme

Aaron Boey, Class of 2016, Law Clerk at Helm Law, law student at Michigan State University College of Law

When I began my studies at Madonna University at age 18, I was unsure about what I wanted to do for a career. As a child, I experienced the veracity of the legal system, and wanted to become an attorney. As it seemed difficult goal to accomplish, I majored in business administration. In the middle of my sophomore year, I switched from Business to Paralegal Studies. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in four years and graduated from Madonna in May, 2016. Currently, I am pursuing my law degree at Michigan State’s College of Law. I anticipate a May 2020 graduation date.

Madonna’s Paralegal Program absolutely helped with my transition into law school. The paralegal classes are taught by mentors disguised as professors who truly have their students’ best interests at heart. In the Program I gained a legal vocabulary that most law students do not acquire until completion of their first year of law school. Most importantly, the Paralegal Program requires students to take two Legal Research and Writing Classes. These classes made my law school Legal Research and Writing classes much easier, and unlike many law school peers, I didn’t spend late nights drafting. I had already learned how to draft legal documents at Madonna. The Madonna Paralegal Program gives any prospective law student a solid foundation to be successful in law school.

Academics aside, the Paralegal Program has been essential to my career preparation. The Program’s required internship led to my current job at Helm Law in Plymouth, Michigan where I have gained litigation experience. I have played a substantial role in more than 130 cases over two and a half years. I have sat at the counsel table for multiple jury trials and ADR hearings. I have become competent in every step of the litigation process. Additionally, I had an opportunity to clerk for a judge prior to law school. This amount of experience is rare for someone who has not completed at least the first year of law school. Again, this would not have been possible without the Madonna Paralegal Program.

I highly recommend Madonna’s Paralegal Program. The combination of classroom learning and internship experience is invaluable. The Paralegal Program will help fulfill whatever legal goal a student might have, be it pursue a career as a successful paralegal, or go on to law school.

Heather Cosme

Heather Cosme, Judicial Assistant to the Hon. Michael J. Riordan, Michigan Court of Appeals

My position reports directly to the judge. My primary responsibilities include a variety of secretarial and administrative activities to assist in the operation of a judge's chambers in a confidential and professional manner including: scheduling, processing and coordinating votes for motion docket, ensuring case files are complete, proofing opinions, preparing files for cases and motion dockets, and coordinating case call dates, court meetings and personal appointments for the judge. I also serve as initial contact in judge's chambers, answering inquires or directing callers to appropriate staff and other assigned tasks involved with daily operations.

Additionally, I assist the judge in preparing opinions by researching various legal issues and checking the lower court records to verify the facts.

Madonna's Paralegal Program faculty and advisors take an active interest in making sure their students succeed. I was nervous about making a career change, but the support of the advisors made the challenge a success. Madonna was the perfect choice for me. It was close to home and had web based and evening courses that allowed me to earn my degree while working full time while raising a family. The intimate class size and individual attention is second to none. The challenging legal research and writing courses prepared me for my duties with the Michigan Court of Appeals. The variety of courses offered was also beneficial since we handle criminal, civil, and termination of parental right cases at the court. I began employment with knowledge of Westlaw and Lexis as well as the ability to use the law library we have on site. I was able to assist the judge and law clerk with research assignments with little direction upon gaining employment. Judge Riordan told me that he was interested in a Madonna graduate because he has had great experiences with them in the past. I do not believe I would have my career today without the knowledge and experience I gained at Madonna. The Paralegal Program has a great reputation within the legal community and I am proud to be a Madonna alumni.

Olivia Campo, Corporate Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Varnum, LLP.

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Paralegal Studies from Madonna University in December, 2016. During my education, I worked at a small local firm, Helmkamp, Ellis, Abraham & Carlson, where I gained experience in a variety of areas of law. Immediately after graduation, I was offered my current position at Varnum LLP as a Corporate Legal Assistant/Paralegal where I am mostly involved in real estate and estate planning matters as well as expanding the firm's presence in the Ann Arbor area.

Varnum is one of Michigan's premier law firms and has been around for nearly 130 years. A full-service provider of legal counsel, Varnum has a strong core of expertise.Varnum clients represent a diverse range of business and legal interests, including, but not limited to, financial institutions, health care providers, colleges and universities, developers, retailers, governmental units, transportation, trade associations and charitable organizations.

I couldn't ask for a better fit or firm to work for. My education and networking at Madonna University prepared me well for my career as a Paralegal and I couldn't be more grateful.