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Why Study International Studies at Madonna University?

  • Interdisciplinary Certificate of Achievement for students who wish to add more academic depth and integration to their international interests
  • A high degree of integration with required courses in the core curriculum/general education, and many majors
  • Ideal for students interested in travel and study abroad
  • Ideal for students aiming for careers that span more than one country

The Certificate of Achievement in International Studies provides students with the opportunity to add significant global and 21st century dimensions to their chosen field of study and increase their marketability as they take a globally-informed position in their career paths. Students in any major may add it to their credentials without adding appreciably to the number of courses required for graduation. Selected courses from general education, the core curriculum, and professional/major curricula are integrated into the international studies program.

The International Studies certificate adds a formal credential that shows your understanding and capacity to engage the growing complexities of our globally integrated world, and can give an edge to the career prospects of people in many different majors and plans of life, from business, to teaching, to the sciences, anyone whose desired career paths include an international dimension!