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Why study General Studies at Madonna University?

  • Individualized and flexible. Madonna University offers more than 100 undergraduate majors. Combine concentrations and classes to design a general studies major that works for you.
  • Individual advising. General studies major’s work closely with advisers to make sure all graduation requirements for the degree are met.
  • Transfer friendly. Use the courses you have already earned toward your degree at Madonna to help you finish faster.
  • Learn based on your schedule. Complete your degree in a traditional on campus setting or when it suits you. This program is built to be completed wholly online for students who need or prefer that learning experience.

Can't find a traditional major to match your career goals? Create your own. Have you taken a lot of college classes but have just not found the program you want? Finish with us!

The general studies degree program at Madonna University allows undergraduates to work with an adviser to craft an interdisciplinary course of study that fits their needs. Our transfer friendly policies allow students to transfer up to 72 hours of credit from 2 year schools or up to 90 from other four year institutions. So if you have earned credits, our program can help you keep and use them.

We also understand that students desire to learn in different ways and at different times based on career or family responsibilities. The General Studies program is built to be done either on campus, online or both, depending on the student’s schedule.