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Why Study Spanish for Teacher Certification at Madonna University?

  • 100% of Madonna’s Spanish for Teacher Certification graduates are employed immediately after graduation
  • By the end of the program, you will rate at the Advanced-Low or higher according to national proficiency guidelines
  • During the third and fourth year into the program, you will conduct interviews and observations and you will work on an undergraduate level research project on the cultural experiences of Latinos living in the U.S.
  • Your world languages teaching methods project will allow you to connect and apply second language pedagogy and theory and to develop state standards, proficiency-based, and performance-based lesson plans and units

The Spanish for Teacher Certification major is designed to prepare teacher candidates to effectively teach the Spanish language and the Latino culture to students based on the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century. Teacher candidates are introduced to second language acquisition theories and pedagogy, and Spanish linguistics and sociolinguistics, and are provided with different experiential and exploratory opportunities. These opportunities help lead to study the Spanish language, and the Latino culture within the context of the classroom and of the Latino communities in Michigan, the United States and abroad. The Spanish for Teacher Certification major is designed to help teacher candidates reach an Advanced-Low level of proficiency in Spanish in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

Career Opportunities   Grad Schools Attended by Alumni   Employers of Alumni
Elementary State Certified Spanish Teacher   University of Michigan   Plymouth-Canton Community Schools
Secondary State Certified Spanish Teacher   Michigan State University   Crestwood School District

Public and Private Schools’ Spanish Foreign Language Programs Curriculum Developer – Central Office

  University of Chicago   Novi Public Schools

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Spanish as a Foreign language Instructor

  George Washington University   Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Spanish as a Foreign language Instructor

  Georgetown University   Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Maria Key,

Why did you choose your major?
I chose the Spanish for Teacher Certification major because the courses within the major have given me the opportunity to broaden my own knowledge of the Spanish language used in our communities in the U.S., and of the culture of the Hispanic/Latino communities around me. This knowledge, with an emphasis in the areas of linguistics and sociolinguistics, I will be able to apply in the classroom.

Share your success story as to how your major has benefited your employability options?
The Spanish for Teacher Certification Major at Madonna University has allowed me to engage in research, and therefore has helped me gain teaching skills school districts will find valuable. Going into the Hispanic/Latino communities and interviewing community members about their experiences using Spanish and English and bridging the Hispanic/Latino and American culture, and then using linguistics and sociolinguistics theories to help me understand these experiences, has helped me better understand how to develop lesson plans that connect theory and practice, which is a skill school districts look for in teachers.

What advice would you give other students?
Being able to communicate in Spanish and English is very important in any field. It is also important when working with Hispanic/Latino communities. The Spanish for Teacher Certification major will allow you to develop Spanish language skills, cross-cultural skills, and teaching skills. This major will prepare you to become a successful and highly qualified Spanish teacher. The journey will be a challenge, but rewarding.

Between now and graduation, how do you plan to gain additional experience or skills to be successful in your field?
One of my plans to gain additional experience and teaching skills as a Spanish teacher is to complete a research project and to be able to present it at the Michigan World Languages Association (MIWLA) conference. I will be working with one of my Spanish for Teacher Certification major instructors to develop and implement a lesson plan aligned with the Communication and Cultures world languages standards.

How can Madonna University help you prepare for life after graduation?
The Spanish for Teacher Certification major at Madonna University has provided me with the many tools I will need for life after graduation. It has provided me with a vast amount of knowledge and skills I will be able to put into practice with my future students. I would like to keep in touch with my instructors in the College of Education and in the World Languages Programs.