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Why Study Mathematics at Madonna University?

  • Technology and various mathematical software are used in various courses.
  • You will learn how to apply your mathematical knowledge to solve real world problems. These analytical skills are important, relevant and useful, no matter what career you are pursuing.
  • Mathematics is a versatile field. Thousands of jobs rely on knowledge of mathematics, from industry, to government to education.
  • Several alumni of the Mathematics program have pursued graduate studies, and others are employed upon graduation.

A degree in Mathematics will equip you with the ability to think logically and systematically, through the use of technology, which are useful skills whether you are pursuing a teaching career through Madonna’s accredited School of Education, or other areas of applied mathematics in industry. As a student in Madonna University’s Mathematics program, you will have the opportunity to study mathematics under the guidance of talented faculty members who are happy to work with you to ensure your success. Faculty members also mentor students with their mathematics senior seminar projects, which have led to various conference presentations and publications. Moreover, mathematics students at Madonna University are given the opportunity to participate in national and international mathematics competitions, which have led to awards and other scholarly accomplishments. In addition, all students are invited to become members of the Math Club student organization on campus to participate in intellectual activities, gain ideas about current research in mathematics, and learn about employment and career opportunities available in mathematics as well as graduate school options.

Career Opportunities   Grad School   Employers of Alumni
Actuarial Science   University of Michigan-Dearborn   Trinity Health
Operations Research   Oakland University   US Army TACOM
Statistics   Lawrence Technological University   Sandler and Travis Trade Advisory Services Inc.
Mathematics Teacher Education   Wayne State University   Livonia Public Schools

Mathematicians are not always clearly visible as people in some other professions, for their job titles often do not include the word “mathematician”, yet they were hired for their mathematical skills.

Katie NinerKatie (Bradley) Niner, Class of 2014 (mathematics)
Katie is a software developer for the IT team at Sandler and Travis Trade Advisory Services. She primarily uses SQL and VB.Net to assist in improving Sandler and Travis Trade’s system to qualify goods for an FTA. “While I am not directly using the languages I learned in school, the programming concepts and logic that were reinforced throughout my education are used heavily. Because of the required reports and presentations I had in all of my upper level major courses, I feel very comfortable presenting and instructing,” she said. Bradley chose to attend Madonna to continue her Catholic education. “The intimate experience cannot be beat. I felt like I had a great support system at Madonna, which really helped me succeed.”

Amber Kirvan Class of 2013 (mathematics)
Amber is a math teacher at Livonia Ladywood High School. She was hired immediately out of student teaching “thanks to Dr. Karen Obsniuk’s high recommendation and because the school felt that teachers from Madonna are well prepared.” “Having to align lesson plans to state standards in all of my classes (at Madonna) was hugely beneficial because all teachers at my school, including myself, had to go through each standard pertaining to our subject matter and align each of our course’s curriculums,” Kirvan said.

Sarmad Istephan Sarmad Istephan, Class of 2006 (mathemathics and computer science)
Sarmad is a cloud data solution architect at Microsoft Corporation in the Microsoft Technology Center in Southfield, Mich., where he leads executive briefings, architecture design decisions, proof of concepts and hands-on workshops with Microsoft’s largest customers. Since graduating from Madonna University, Istephan continued his education by completing a master’s degree and PhD in computer science. “As a student at Madonna, you get a strong sense that all faculty and staff are there to help you succeed,” he said. “It is easy to gain practical job experience by working as a student in various career related jobs across campus.”