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Little Women cast 2018

Madonna University’s Music Department offers you a vibrant community of faculty and students who are motivated by their love of music and music making. We are committed to developing your skills through stimulating classroom, studio, and performing experiences in close relationship with our faculty. Our award-winning teachers are gifted performers and educators, devoted to excellence in their roles as mentors and leaders.

Our programs, performing opportunities, ensembles, and department activities are designed to prepare you to serve your school, church, or community.

Studies in music fall into two categories; Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) concentrations have a strong liberal arts foundation, and Bachelor of Music (B.MUS.) concentrations are weighted more heavily in music courses.

The B.A. concentrations include General Music and Music Management. The B.MUS. concentrations include Church Music; Film Scoring; Music Education (leading to the Michigan JQ K-12 endorsement) and Performance.

Piano Pedagogy, Film Scoring, and Musical Theatre are available as certificate programs, or can be added to a B.A. or B.MUS degree.

Barbara Wiltsie, Associate Professor, Interim Chair