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Why Study Film Scoring at Madonna University?

  • The only film scoring degree program in Michigan
  • Industry standard music technology lab for composing, recording, arranging, and editing
  • Award-winning faculty work one-on-one with students
  • Opportunities to work with the Broadcast and Cinema Arts students, composing original music for original films
  • Graduates have produced their own videos and collaborated with filmmakers to create original music scores

This exciting and newest of our music concentrations, the Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring is one-of-a-kind in Michigan, and provides excellent training for working in the field right after graduation, or it offers great preparation for graduate school. Compose music for visual media in a collaborative environment to produce works from concept to finished product. Our composition faculty— composers with recognized works— are commissioned to write for film, orchestra, choral, band, and chamber music. They are dedicated to helping you find your “voice” and developing your unique style of music composition. You also will be in many classes with other music majors, giving you a rich and diverse experience.

Career Opportunities   Grad Schools Attended by Alumni   Employers of Alumni**
Choir   University of Massachusetts at Amherst   Boughton Music Center
Composer for All Types of Visual Media   University of Michigan   Self-Employed
        Video Production VP at Wildfire Ministries

**This program is only five years old, so there are not many students who have completed this degree
Viviana Garabello

Viviana Garabello,

Why did you choose your major?
Since I was a child, film music made me dream, laugh, cry, love, and feel real emotions through the movies. I believe movies have a social responsibility of training different populations all around the world to share culture and values, get closer, and appreciate diversity. Music blends all of this together, and it's a universal language, straight to the heart.

Share your success story as to how your major choice has benefited your employability options:
My major helps me to understand what is behind the pure artistic inspiration. It gives me the technical tools and the knowledge to transform the dreams and the creativity into concrete and marketable music.

What advice would you give other students?
Being good at what you do, is not only about being competitive in school or in the job market. Loving homework, staying curious at each new lesson, trying to express your original concepts in an essay is about who you are. All that you learn makes you a better person.

Between now and graduation, how do you plan to gain additional experience or skills to be successful in your field?
I believe working in the field is the best way to become the professional you want to be. An internship is a priceless opportunity to start working and keep learning. I will never stop looking for new opportunities to expand my interests and my competencies.

How can Madonna University help you prepare for life after graduation?
Madonna University helps me with my whole formation. I am majoring in Film Music Scoring, but I am also learning service, compassion, teamwork, forgiveness, patience, understanding, faith, and enhancing all my values.