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Why Study Instrumental Performance at Madonna University?

  • Many opportunities to perform in a variety of solo, ensemble, band, and chamber music settings
  • Award-winning faculty with solo and ensemble careers in classical, jazz, and modern genres
  • Newly-formed band gives wind, brass and percussionists the opportunity for performance and leadership
  • Excellent practice and performance facilities
  • Small class sizes equal more student-and-faculty time
  • State-of-the-art music technology lab for composing, recording, arranging, and editing

Performance degrees lead to a world where winning competitions and getting concert tours are just a small part of your musical life. The myriad of opportunities to build on your successes as a string, brass or wind player come in many shapes and sizes, and Madonna’s Music Department is just the place for you to grow and get involved. Our faculty are performers in major orchestras and jazz bands, and they are so in love with making music that you become the focus of the unending circle of the musician you can be. You also share many classes with other majors, which creates the rich and diverse world that is only possible in a small, liberal arts university.

Careers Grad School Employers of Alumni
Solo Performer Eastern Michigan University Self-employed freelance
Orchestral Musician   Livonia Symphony Orchestra
Studio Recording Musician   Motor Hills Horns
Private Studio Teaching    
Preparation for Graduate School    

College Teacher (requires masters

or doctorates)