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Why Study Music Education at Madonna University?

  • This program prepares students to earn their JQ endorsement
  • Our program has a 100% pass rate on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification for the past 10 years
  • Small class sizes equal more time focused on you
  • Choral, band, chamber music, opera, light opera, musical theater, plus student-run a cappella groups offer a variety of performing opportunities, in addition to solo concerts and recitals
  • Industry standard music technology lab for composing, recording, arranging, and editing
  • Student chapters of National Association of Teachers of Singing, National Association for Music Educators
  • Detroit chapter of the Orff Schulwerk offers courses and teacher training through Madonna University’s music department

As a music education student at Madonna, you will be in many classes with other music majors, giving you a rich and diverse experience. Our faculty, nationally recognized professional musicians and excellent teachers, are devoted to helping you build strong skills in theory, history, ear training, performance, and pedagogy. Madonna’s curriculum is rigorous, and combined with the that of the College of Education, prepares you for success as a teacher in the K-12 system (public and private schools) in instrumental, vocal, and general music. Our program is designed on NASM standards (National Association of Schools of Music), so you will graduate with a degree competitive with those of larger schools.

Careers Grad School Employers of Alumni

Music Educator K-12
(Choral & Instrumental)

Bowling Green State University Livonia, MI Public Schools
Pre-school Music Educator Eastern Michigan University Ladywood High School, Livonia, MI
Private Studio Teaching Wayne State University St. Joseph School, Howell, MI
    Troy, MI Public Schools
    Plymouth Christian Academy
    Littleton, AZ Public Schools
    EtonHouse International School, Singapore
Emily Crombez

Emily Crombez,

Why did you choose your major?
I thought for a while that I wanted to major in music. I even experienced teaching privately for many years before making the decision about my major. However, it was through my leadership opportunities in the Michigan Opera Theatre Children’s Chorus that I experienced what it was really like to teach a group of students in a group setting. I saw in that choir how much of an impact a teacher has on a student. There were students in that choir that looked up to me as a role model as well as a teacher and I absolutely loved that feeling. Those students and parents saw my potential as a teacher and motivated me to pursue music education because of my passion for music and my devotion to sharing that appreciation with young people.

Share your success story as to how your major choice has benefited your employability options:
Majoring in music education has presented many opportunities in the work force. With my certification, I will be able to teach in public or private schools in Michigan for any grade level. Additionally, it qualifies me for employment in a church as a music director. Additionally, music studios for private instruction are great places to work a second job since the hours are all after school. Even now, these jobs can be available to me and I can gain experience in the classroom with substitute teaching.

What advice would you give other students?
Most importantly, students that think they want to go into music education need to make sure they are comfortable in the classroom. Many students think they want to teach but then realize they do not like taking hold of a classroom of students. To be a teacher, you have to know your content better than anyone else and be able to communicate the knowledge to your class. You then have to be comfortable addressing behavior problems, thinking on your feet, and making adjustments to your routine and style as you go. It is a difficult balance to achieve and takes passion, motivation, and dedication. Have purpose for what you’re doing and be committed to your students.

Between now and graduation, how do you plan to gain additional experience or skills to be successful in your field?
I plan to continue teaching private lessons to gain experience actually teaching children music. I also plan on spending more time taking substitute jobs at churches in the area. Through these experiences I will have the opportunity to work with more small groups, lead groups at the piano, and expand my knowledge of repertoire.

How can Madonna University help you prepare for life after graduation?
The biggest way for Madonna to help me is to present me with observations in valuable classrooms. Working side by side with these teachers in the classroom is the best way to see techniques in use, apply prepared lesson plans, and observe how a school runs from a teaching perspective. Madonna can also help me prepare for my graduate school plans and get placed in a school for my first year of teaching. Most importantly, the teachers and students can encourage me to successfully follow my dreams and achieve my goals.