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Why Study Music Management at Madonna University?

  • Perfect combination of music and business study
  • Strong curriculum leads to successful outcomes
  • Faculty with performance and business experience
  • Many career options
  • Industry standard music technology lab for composing, recording, arranging, and editing
  • Personal instruction in small class sizes

This major is perfect for those who love music but don’t want to teach or perform. Music Management combines music and business course work with on-the-job experience in a variety of co-op placements. One of our most popular degrees, music management offers the lover of music an opportunity to study and perform with other music majors, adding a strong emphasis on the expertise needed to succeed in the business world. Students have done co-op work with major and community arts organizations, and the list of institutions interested in our students grows every year.

Careers Grad School Employers of Alumni

Arts Management

Wayne State University Broughton Music and Arts Center
Employee for Community Music/Arts Organizations Fielding Graduate University Culture Source
Manager for Recording Studio Salem International University Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Self-employed Owner of Band or Other Performing Group   Michigan Philharmonic
    Motor City Horns
    Washtenaw Community College
Andrew-Brauer-31 Andrew Brauer,

Why did you choose Madonna University?
Previously a marketing major, I had taken several business classes, but my true passion is music. So when I learned that this program was offered by Madonna I thought it was a great way to combine my passion for music with skills I already had and skills I was learning in my business classes.

Share your success story as to how your major choice has benefited your employability options:
I've learned that music can not only be a hobby when I'm done with work, but it can be my work. It can give me purpose, and it can give me something that I'm excited to do each and every day.

What advice would you give other students?
Get involved, get to know the people in your classes--especially in major-specific classes, and take every opportunity you're given. Also don't stress about how long it takes you to finish your degree. It'll get done one way or another and overloading yourself and destroying your GPA doesn't help anyone.

Between now and graduation, how do you plan to gain additional experience or skills to be successful in your field?
The co-ops required by my major are probably the biggest help in getting involved in the music management industry.

How can Madonna University help you prepare for life after graduation?
Madonna has helped me best prepare for life after graduation by showing me that I can take my passion and make a career I enjoy out of it.

Susan Storti Sherrard

Sarah Storti Sherrard,
Why did you choose Madonna University?
I chose Madonna University not only because it was one of the few colleges in Michigan to have the Music Management major, but also because my faith is very important to me and my family. I attended Catholic grade school as well as high school and saw the benefits in not only shaping me morally, but in the education as well.

What do you think makes the experience and education at Madonna special?
I think the fact that they have smaller class sizes really makes the experience special. The teachers knew my classmates and me by name and there was a real sense of camaraderie in the Madonna Music Department. This closeness helped me develop a lot of confidence in my musical skills and in myself.

What have you been doing since graduation, career wise? (graduate school, employer?)
Since graduating in 2010, I started a band that plays all over Michigan and some surrounding states. (The Sarah Sherrard Band) In 2013 the band and I had a wonderful opportunity to go down to Nashville and record an EP of four songs that we wrote with members from the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. We are now currently working on another EP in Detroit and are just having a blast playing clubs, festivals, weddings, and other various gigs. Right out of Madonna I received a job at Amerisure Insurance Co in customer service. I believe my Music Management degree allowed me to get that position because of the business classes it offered. This job allowed me to make a nice living while gigging with the band on the side.

How has your Madonna degree played a role in your current position?
Six years later and the band is still playing every single week. I think my Music Management degree gave me the basic tools I needed to have confidence in booking gigs and marketing gigs as well as asking for a fair price (the most intimidating part). I believe there was no other school or major for me. Madonna was able to let me mix practicality and my passion. I am so grateful I was able to be a part of their program.

What has been your most rewarding professional or personal experience since graduating?
My most rewarding experience has been in 2011 when I married my guitar player and welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world in 2015. Not only did I gain an amazing husband and son from starting a band, but I gained three other brothers who I get to share the stage with who are some of the greatest, humble, funny guys I've ever met! We've been playing together for seven years now and I feel very blessed!

Taylor Walls Taylor Walls,

Why did you choose your major?
I chose Music Management as my major, because I have always had a love for music and a longing to work within the field of music. As a performer I also wanted to know the steps and procedures I had to take to market/manage my career alongside others who share the same love of music.

Share your success story as to how your major choice has benefited your employability options:
My major has allowed me to work with the Michigan Philharmonic for the past two years. This experience has given me the opportunity to manage and post on all social media accounts, create promotional videos for events and concerts, assist with sending press releases, assist with the set-up for concerts and network with many individuals. My education has also contributed immensely to successfully competing in Hollywood during Seasons 13 and 14 of the American Idol and helping market my band, Athens Creek, along with contributing in managing all of our social media accounts.

What advice would you give other students?
NEVER give up. Giving up may seem like an easy way out, but I can promise you that the struggle IS worth it and WILL make you an even stronger and educated person.

Between now and graduation, how do you plan to gain additional experience or skills to be successful in your field?
I plan to continue my internship work with Michigan Philharmonic and the continual growth of promoting my band, Athens Creek.

How can Madonna University help you prepare for life after graduation?
Not only are you growing in knowledge while attending Madonna University, but you are also building relationships with other students and faculty who continuously guide you and encourage you. Madonna also offers many opportunities to scout out potential jobs with their online databases and career fairs.