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Why Study Vocal Performance at Madonna University?

  • The Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance is one of our most popular programs, with many opportunities for solo and ensemble singing.
  • All students are eligible for solo roles in Chorale and our opera/light opera and musical theatre productions.
  • Industry standard music technology lab for composing, recording, arranging, and editing
  • At the end of your program you will be able to analyze and perform music for your voice using the four basic music languages of English, Italian, French, and German.

Nationally recognized performers and teachers are your guides to applied music instruction and coaching, as well as mentors as you grow in vocal maturity. Multiple settings for choral, light opera, opera and musical theater offer you distinct options for exciting and fun performances. As a vocal performance major, you will have many classes with other music majors, providing you with a rich and diverse education. You will combine solo, and ensemble experiences in the classical and musical theater genres, with theoretical, historical, and technological skills needed to meet the challenges of the ever-changing world of music performance.

Careers Grad School Employers of Alumni

Stage performer in classical, operatic, sacred, or other genres

Bowling Green State University Michigan Opera Theatre
Soloist or member of regional and local opera companies, musical theater, and choral groups Roosevelt College, Chicago Chicago Opera Theatre
Choral director University of Michigan Self-employed studio teachers
Private studio instructor University of Illinois Opera Modo
Graduate School preparation   Community opera and musical theater companies
College teacher (requires masters or doctorate)   Michigan Opera Theatre
    Arbor Opera Theatre
Aaron Von AllmenAaron von Allmen,

Why did you choose Madonna University?
I chose this major simply because my heart would accept no other path. I am an artist in every aspect, and to allow myself to focus on anything outside of music would result in a starvation of my need to share music.

Share your success story as to how your major choice has benefited your employability options:
My resume is filled with a copious amount of experience. Most "big name" universities require their music students to take roles in chorus or other small roles in their first two years, while the larger roles are given to more seasoned singers. This is not the case with our music department, as each singer is given the opportunity to audition for roles that prepare them for the real world.

What advice would you give other students?
Do not deprive yourself of sleep. As much as I love having the ability to fervorously study my passion, I am only human, and I have my limits. I have learned to focus my attention on my health, and to respond to what my body is telling me it needs. Sleep is just as important to an adult as it is to a child. Sparingly pull all-night study sessions, and learn to manage your time.

Between now and graduation, how do you plan to gain additional experience or skills
to be successful in your field?
There is one obstacle I have left to overcome in the next few months, and it is one that will truly test my emotional capacity, vocal stamina, and the ability to organize my time - my senior recital. I have already spent months preparing the repertoire and other fine details. I am excited for the day to come when all my hard work pays off!

How can Madonna University help you prepare for life after graduation?
What I take from my time at Madonna University goes far beyond what any textbook can teach. I have learned that the intrinsic value of music will never die in the hearts of those who seek it. The value of the relationships we hold with other people cannot be measured, and it is our duty to maintain those relationships for our careers and for our personal lives.

Errin Brooks

Errin Brooks, '09

Errin was one of three winners in the Detroit District Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and recently took first place in the Vocal Arts Competition for the Emerging Artists, formerly the Leontyne Price Competition. He has also performed in the chorus with the Michigan Opera Theater in Margarete Garner, Carmen, Mikado, and Magic Flute. Brooks recently finished a Resident Artist Program with the Opera Theater in Pittsburgh singing Scaramuccio and covering Bacchus in one of Richard Strauss' best operas, Ariadne auf Naxos.