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Why Study General Science at Madonna University?

  • Scholarly faculty dedicated to quality teaching
  • Unique background in chemistry, biology, physics, earth science and astronomy
  • A variety of challenging laboratory experiences
  • Student-teaching placements in multicultural school settings

The General Science major consists of an array of biology, chemistry, physics and earth science classes. The major was developed in accordance with the guidelines of the National Science Teacher Association for the preparation of middle school science teachers. This program also meets the requirements for the Elementary (K-8) Provisional Teaching Certificate.

Our professors and counselors help you pursue internships and roles within the classroom setting while you’re taking college courses. Faculty also provide graduates with resources and assistance to secure part- and full-time jobs.

As a graduate of the General Science Degree program you can expect to be considered for a range of opportunities based on your preferred career goals. Because of the shortage of qualified science teachers in many parts of the United States, you will be in high-demand with this degree.

In addition to a career in teaching you have other options, including:

  • Elementary/middle school education
  • Science curriculum development
  • Health-related careers (including medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and medical technology)
  • A journalism or technical writing career in science, technology, or natural history
  • Research, medicine, and dentistry
  • Environmental and biophysical sciences