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Why Study Chemistry at Madonna University?

  • Early on in their career as students, chemistry and biochemistry majors are offered supplemental instructor positions to tutor incoming chemistry majors
  • Chemistry/biochemistry majors work as lab assistants employing the talents they acquire from their own lectures and laboratory experiences. These further sharpen the students’ skills and knowledge base that would serve them well before and after graduation to secure a job, go to graduate, medical, or professional school
  • Practically all of our students have gone on to pursue rewarding science-related careers

Chemistry is one of the central sciences because it permeates society as a whole in a way that is perceivable even to a lay person. Training future chemists, and hence future scientists, must take not only intellectual or science interests into consideration but the general public interests as well. The role of chemists in society is particularly important because of advancements in areas that affect the entire society such as crime, the environment, disease, manufacturing, and medicine.

Careers Grad School Employers of Alumni
Medicine University of Michigan Intel Corporation
IT companies Michigan State University BASF
Chemical Companies Wayne State University Environmental labs
Teacher Eastern Michigan University Local high schools

Stephanie MackleyStephanie Mackley

"My chemistry major has helped me to receive an internship at the University of California Davis and that internship helped me to network and make connections to professors who can write me letters of recommendations for graduate school applications. The coursework here has prepared me to further my study of chemistry in higher education."