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Physical & Applied Science

The department of Physical and Applied Science at Madonna University is made up of many programs, most leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. It is housed in a brand new environmentally friendly facility. Each program offers courses tailored to give the student a wide spectrum of academic experience and education necessary to go to graduate or professional school or work in industry. Each course is taught by faculty with terminal degrees in the field and/or decades of experience of university teaching. The student’s experience in each program is capped by a senior seminar research project, whose main purpose is to sharpen the student’s research and presentation skills as he/she graduates to pursue a career in industry or graduate/professional school.

Physical and Applied Sciences DepartmentThe small sizes of our classes, especially as the student nears graduation, accord the student one-on-one interaction with the instructors, as well as a number of unique opportunities to use the actual instruments and other assets of the department at the hands-on level. Internships in OSH/FS/EM programs offer the student real world experience even before graduation. All full time faculty members are involved in student advising and research.