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Why Study Natural Science at Madonna University?

Madonna University offers unique course distribution that exposes you to you a wide variety of scientific experience and knowledge in addition to;

  • Service Learning and study abroad opportunities
  • Scholarly research including evaluating and analyzing information and data
  • Perfect the ability to communicate findings in written, verbal and presentation formats
  • Work creatively and effectively as you complete your laboratory work and senior seminar
  • Small class size allows for personalized instruction from professors

The Natural Science major is an integrated and cross-disciplined major containing courses related to the core each student chooses. The three cores are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You will select 22 semester hours from the core of your choice and 16 semester hours from each of the other remaining two. As a result, you will obtain a well-rounded background allowing you to readily explain phenomenological events.

This major is attractive to students choosing a teaching career. The distribution of courses exposes you to background knowledge in both the Physical and Natural Sciences preparing you to teach in both the elementary and high school levels.

The Natural Science major aims to train future teachers, scientists, doctors, and lawyers by placing special emphasis on the courses offered in each core. You will have a well-rounded science background upon completion of this program.

Graduates of the Natural Science Program at Madonna University have a range of opportunities available to them upon graduation based on their preferred career goals.

Graduates enter the workforce in roles such as:

  • Research, Laboratory Technician
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Conservation Officer, Forensics
  • Medical Sales Representative
  • Graduate Studies