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Why Study Occupational Safety, Health & Fire Science at Madonna University?

The Occupational Safety, Health and Fire Science degree provides students with the knowledge of current legal requirements, standards, codes, and regulation of safety and health which are integrated with modern fire protection principles. The program covers the study of various factors in building structures and the uses of tools and materials which cause accidents.

  • Program offers flexibility in course selection to independently motivate students who have cross-disciplinary interests
  • Curriculum offers appropriate preparation for many professional jobs (Fire Fighter, Emergency Manager, and Health/Safety Officer) as well as for advanced graduate programs
  • Small student/faculty ratio
  • Students work closely with select faculty on senior seminar projects of their choice
  • During your junior and/or senior years, you are encouraged to seek summer internships to enhance your already extensive educational experience here
  • Students have secured employment in companies or graduate schools thanks to their research

This combined group major provides students with the knowledge of currents standards, codes and regulations of safety and health, integrated with fire protection principles. Students who complete the program will have developed the skills and abilities to analyze various working environments for health and safety threats. Students will have the knowledge to properly inspect the workplace to assure compliance with current regulations and standards.

One of the requirements of the program requires students to participate in an internship or cooperative education experience. This requirement provides students with real world experience in the field.

The Occupational Safety, Health and Fire Science program of study consists of 42 credits in the major and 24 to 29 credits required support courses. All courses in the major are instructed by career occupational safety, health and fire science professionals. Many of these professionals have risen through the ranks and obtained leadership positions within their organization or company.

Examples of careers undertaken by previous FS/EM/OSEH students include:

Safety Specialist

Safety Technician

Occupational Safety and Health Employee
Fire Protection Engineer
Safety Coordinator