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Why Study Political Science at Madonna University?

  • In today's continually changing world, the study of political science is critically important as we focus on the relationships between current events and how the U.S., other governments, and institutions respond and cooperate
  • The small class sizes and personalized advising reinforces student success
  • Flexibility with four concentration choices suits personal interests and optimizes career options
  • Gain practical skills through coursework and internships that emphasize applications in a variety of work settings such as government, law, and business

This program provides students with a general education in the liberal arts and an introduction to the complexities of the political process. You will develop excellent critical thinking and communication skills, and more broadly, an understanding of history and culture. For example, the program includes several cross disciplinary electives encompassing History, Criminal Justice, and Law to ensure students have choices for a multi-disciplinary foundation to support selected career paths.

The program is designed for flexibility by offering four different track options: American Politics, Comparative Politics and Area Studies, International Politics, and Pre-Law. Ultimately, this program is intended to prepare students for a variety of careers in federal, state and local government, non-profit organizations, international organizations, business, teaching, and law.

Administrator: Business, University, Non-Profit
City Manager
Consultant: Business, University, Non-Profit
Foreign Service Officer
Politician: Local, State, Federal
Teacher/Professor: Middle School, High School, College
United Nations worker
Urban Planner