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Religious Studies & Philosophy

Religious StudiesTo be human is to be oriented to Transcendence: we are part of something far greater than ourselves – and we wonder about that... This is the beginning of our greatest adventure.

As a Catholic institution rooted in the Franciscan tradition, Madonna University recognizes the importance of humankind’s orientation to God and the human quest to know and be united with God.

Religious studies encompasses an examination of the human experience of God that includes religious sources, traditions, beliefs, and practices, with an emphasis on the revelation of the Word of God as mediated by Sacred Scripture and the Catholic tradition. Special attention is given to Franciscan, Christian-humanistic values, with an awareness of other faith traditions and a concern for social justice, in preparation for teaching, pastoral ministry, and graduate school. Madonna offers a major or minor in religious studies or pastoral ministry. On the graduate level, students may pursue a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry.

Philosophy uses the gift of human reason to explore the “big questions” about the nature of reality and of the human person, about human meaning, purpose, and values, about the nature of God, and about how to live. Philosophy at Madonna examines these questions from diverse perspectives, encouraging critical thinking about them, while giving particular attention to the Catholic ethical and philosophical tradition. Madonna offers a minor in philosophy.