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Why Study ASL Education at Madonna University?

  • The ASL Education major prepares students to earn their ASL endorsement, which is required by the State of Michigan for those teaching ASL in K-12 schools.
  • The demand for ASL teachers is increasing every year and is projected to continue growing.
  • You will learn ASL quickly through full immersion because language instructors are all culturally Deaf and all language classes are taught in sign language.
  • Our modern language lab provides each student with a private space for ASL learning and practice.
  • Since it was established in 1975, MUSLS has had an enduring relationship with Michigan’s Deaf community.

As a student in Madonna’s ASL Education program, you will be part of a community on the cutting edge of ASL Education and Deaf studies in Michigan. You will be provided with all of the resources you need to develop your signing skills, prepare for the ASL proficiency test required as part of the State of Michigan’s endorsement process for teaching ASL, and gain diverse skills that will give you an advantage as a future educator. MUSLS meets state and national standards for programs teaching ASL, and as the only university in Michigan to offer a bachelor’s degree in ASL Education, when you choose Madonna, you are choosing the leader in the field.

CareersEmployers of Alumni
Teacher Michigan School for the Deaf
ASL Specialist Dearborn Public Schools
Multi-media specialist Bloomfield Hills Schools

*NOTE: The ASL Education major was established in 2012. As a five-year program, the first cohort will graduate in 2017 – as a result, there are not alumni yet to report on. However, some ASL teachers in Michigan have returned to Madonna to take the courses necessary to earn their endorsement, which is why we have reports on employers of alumni.