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Why Study Deaf Community Studies at Madonna University?

  • You have options – Deaf Community Studies graduates go on to work in fields as diverse as social work, linguistics, education, and the non-profit sector.
  • The rigorous ASL curriculum will prepare you for professional communication with Deaf individuals and for advanced studies in graduate linguistics programs.
  • You will learn ASL quickly through full immersion because language instructors are all culturally Deaf and all language classes are taught in sign language.
  • Our modern language lab provides each student with a private space for ASL learning and practice.
  • Since it was established in 1975, MUSLS has had an enduring relationship with Michigan’s Deaf community.

As a student in Madonna’s Deaf Community Studies program, you will be part of a community dedicated to Deaf cultural studies in Michigan. You will be provided with all of the resources you need to develop your signing proficiency and gain diverse skills that will give you an advantage in your professional life or graduate studies. In addition to studying a rigorous language curriculum, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the unique features and needs of the Deaf community, which will make you an invaluable asset in any field where Deaf services are provided. As the first and only university in Michigan to offer a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Community Studies, when you choose Madonna, you are choosing the leader in the field.

CareersGrad SchoolEmployers of Alumni
Social Worker Gallaudet University Deaf Community Advocacy Network
Case Manager Wayne State University Michigan School for the Deaf
Advocate Oakland University PAHrtners Deaf Services
Educational Support Staff Michigan State University Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
Linguist University of Michigan Indiana School for the Deaf
Researcher   South Carolina Department of Mental Health Deaf Services
Early Intervention Specialist   United Way
Deepti (Sanagavarapu) Veeturi

Deepti (Sanagavarapu) Veeturi ’09 works full-time as a therapist for PAHrtners Deaf Services in Pennsylvania. Having majored in Deaf Community Studies and Social Work, she is able to help her clients find success and empower them to make decisions for themselves. She is also able to educate her clients in coping skills to assist them with managing various struggles they encounter.

Explaining that she chose Madonna University because it provided her with the practical experience and professional feedback that she needed to begin her career, Deepti mentioned that she also came to Madonna because of the services offered for Deaf students, such as interpreters and note-takers, and the small classes.