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Why Study Addiction Studies at Madonna University?

  • The Addiction Studies program provides a comprehensive overview of the dynamics of substance- and non-substance-related addictions, treatment, and prevention
  • This robust curriculum enriches the knowledge and skill levels of students regardless of their academic major and career path
  • The program offers a certificate for Madonna students or others looking to enhance their expertise and competence in the area of addictions
  • To a significant degree, the coursework meets the educational requirements of the Michigan Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (MCBAP)
  • Weekend courses are offered to fit busy schedules

The addiction studies program enables you to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to recognize addictions in all its forms as a disease and understand prevention and treatment approaches across the lifespan and across diverse cultural groups. Course content is updated regularly and new courses are developed to meet the needs of students, interested community members, and professional practitioners.

You will delve into the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery. You will learn about the value of 12-step, peer-supported and self-help groups for persons with addictive disorders. Evaluating public policy related to funding prevention and treatment programs and other pertinent policy matters will be addressed.

You can choose from a wide variety of courses including many electives that fit your needs and interests. Examples of electives include, but are not limited to: Diverse Populations; Counseling Models; Prevention; Substance Use and HIV; Recovery and Spirituality; Neurobiology of Drug Addiction; Grief and Loss; Women and Addiction: Gender Responsive Approaches; and Disordered Gambling. Take advantage of internship opportunities to put your knowledge of and interest in addictions into practice.

No matter what career you pursue, the knowledge and skills gained in the Addiction Studies Program will prove invaluable since addiction impacts millions of individuals, families and communities.

Completing Addiction Studies courses and pursuing Certification will add value to your resume and enhance your opportunities to pursue a career as a:

Social worker
Criminal justice professional
Nurse/nurse practitioner
School counselor
Human resources professional