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Why Study Humane Studies at Madonna University?

  • There is only one undergraduate program in Humane Studies recognized in North America and it is here at Madonna University
  • The Minor in Humane Studies will give you knowledge and cutting-edge professional credentials to succeed in the 21st century competitive job market
  • Service-learning projects will give you hands-on experiences in the field and will put you in touch with local employers
  • Our class schedule and advising are tailored to fit the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students

As a student in the Minor in Humane Studies, you will become part of an exciting, cutting-edge field based on the idea of the interconnectedness of social justice, sustainability, and animal protection. Madonna's Minor in Humane Studies will give you skills and credentials geared toward developing practical solutions to current challenges affecting the well-being of people, the environment, and animals. Such skills are sought by employers from non-profit organizations, businesses, governmental agencies, churches, and educational institution. Alongside our faculty, you will get involved in community-based service-learning projects while learning practical skills and earning professional credentials in the field of your passion.

Career Opportunities   In Conjunction with Your Major in:
Humane Educator   Any Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities or Education field
Community Educator   Education, Aging Studies, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Social Work, Dietetics

Community Organizer

  Sociology, Social Work, Business

Non-Profit Agency Coordinator

  Any Social Sciences, Business, or Education field
Wildlife Sanctuary Coordinator   Biology, Environmental Science, Business
Animal Cruelty Investigator   Criminal Justice

Sustainability Consultant

  Environmental Science, Chemistry

Rebecca_BartawayRebecca Bartaway, Class of 2014
Rebecca graduated with a Master’s of Science in Humane Studies and a Non-Profit Leadership Certificate in Volunteer Management. She obtained her B.S. in Criminal Justice in 2011 from Madonna as well. She is currently completing her doctoral studies in Organizational Systems with a specialty in Humane Education at Saybrook University in partnership with the Institute of Humane Education (IHE) and Valparaiso University. She is also working with the Dearborn Animal Shelter to create a youth volunteer program. As a Humane educator she has the opportunity to present all aspects of humane education to individuals in the community, schools and most importantly to the upcoming youth solutionaires. “It is easy to say that I loved my time at Madonna University; I was the first grad student to apply for this new program in Humane Studies and one of the first to complete it” she said. “The educational experience that I received from the faculty was extraordinary. I could not have asked for better mentors than Dr. Andrew Domzalski and Dr. Michelle Proctor”, she added.

Matt Wilson Matt Wilson,
Matt Wilson received an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2013 and continued on to complete a graduate degree in Humane Studies during 2015, both from Madonna University. Upon completion of his masters, he quickly found a home at the Detroit Zoological Society helping to pursue the Zoo’s mission of wildlife conservation, animal welfare, and providing unique educational experiences that lead to the appreciation and stewardship of nature.

His time at the Detroit Zoo has seen him participating in a wide range of tasks that touch on nearly all aspects of the Zoo. These include educational programs, exhibit development, guest interactions, and more. “Not only do I believe that this is important work but I feel great satisfaction in practicing my beliefs and helping to educate others about the importance of action and adopting a genuine appreciation for wildlife and nature,” he said.

“Madonna University and the Humane Studies program helped to prepare me in so many ways for my career. Topics that deal with the operations of non-profit organizations, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and more, have developed my knowledge about so many topics. I can’t think of a single class that hasn’t provided me with the knowledge and experience necessary to be knowledgeable and succeed in my goals,” he said. “The intimate class sizes, fantastic instructors, religious base, and genuine support was invaluable to me and provided a fulfilling educational experience that is irreplaceable,” he said.