Graduate Admissions

Here are some helpful tips for preparing to apply to Graduate School. We hope you find these useful as you begin your Graduate School journey.

  1. Explore the programs you may be interested in applying to. Review the program listing for Graduate Certificates and Degrees and see if Madonna University has a program that matches your interests.
  2. Attend a Graduate School Open House event on campus and speak with Graduate School admission specialists, program directors, and alumni.
  3. Schedule a campus visit. Tour our campus.
  4. Contact a Graduate Program Director by phone or email to learn about program details.
  5. View our Graduate Alumni testimonial videos to learn what our students have to say about their graduate school experience and career impact.
  6. Choose your program and check the application deadlines (grad school programs/contacts/deadlines).
  7. Review the application process, so you can be sure to begin to collect the information you need to submit for your specific program.
  8. Use the MU Application Checklist provided to help you organize and have all the information you need to complete your Graduate School application.
 How to Apply


Graduate Program Admission – First Time Applying

  • Access the Online Application
  • Domestic Students
    • Check your email – you will receive an email shortly after completing your on-line application, alerting you that your application was received. If you do not receive this email, please contact the Graduate School at 734-432-5666.
  • International Students
    • Admission requirements for International students on F-1 Student Visa
    • International Student Application Checklist
    • Non-native Speaker of English – English Proficiency Testing

Graduate Program Readmission

  • Madonna University graduate students who have not been in attendance for two years at the University or who have transferred to another college but wish to return to complete their degree/certificate are required to file an application for readmission and follow all other Graduate School and Department/Program admissions procedures.
  • Application for readmission deadlines are as follows: Fall Semester – August 15; Winter Semester – December 15; Summer Semester – April 15.

Non-Degree Graduate Student Admission

  • Permission to enroll in classes on a non-degree status may be granted by the Dean of the Graduate School. This category is for those students who do not wish to seek admission to a graduate degree or certificate program. A maximum of six credits may be taken. TO BE ELIGIBLE YOU MUST HOLD A BACHELOR’S DEGREE.
  • NON-Degree Registration Form.

Conditional Admission

  • A Department/Program graduate admissions committee may recommend graduate school admission with conditions with the consent of the Dean of the Graduate School, for students who do not meet the criteria for regular admission, yet appear to possess potential for success in graduate study.
  • Students admitted conditionally must quality for regular admission within one calendar year or less.

Guest Students - Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) Program

  • Madonna University is a participating institution in the MIGS program.
  • Graduate students who are in good standing in a degree program are eligible to take graduate courses at several graduate schools in Michigan with prior approval of their HOME and potential HOST institutions. This program enables graduate students to take advantage of unique educational opportunities throughout the state.
  • Follow the link provided for more information about the MIGS program.


 After you Apply

Your application and related materials (personal statement, official transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, writing sample-if applicable) are compiled by the Graduate School to create your applicant file. The application file is complete when all required documents are received and you have paid the $25.00 application fee.

The Graduate School sends completed application files to the Department/Program to which you are applying for admission.

The Department/Program you are applying to will contact you to schedule your admission interview (Clinical Psychology program applicants should contact the Clinical Psychology Department to schedule an interview).

Your completed file and related materials will be thoroughly reviewed by the Department/Program Graduate Admissions Committee and Program Director and they will make a decision about your acceptance to the program.

The Department/Program Graduate Admissions Committee will forward their recommendation to the Dean of the Graduate School who approves all graduate admissions. Only written notice from the Dean of the Graduate School constitutes approval of admission.

If a program receives more qualified applicants than can be instructed or accommodated by current university resources, a qualified applicant may be denied admission by the Department/Program Graduate Admissions Committee. Some programs may offer waitlisting or suggest reapplication for the next admission cycle of the program.

Notification of Admission Decision
You will be notified of your admission status by written notice and official communication from the Dean of the Graduate School.

 After You Are Admitted

You will receive a Madonna University email username, and temporary password upon admission. You will need to follow the instructions in these documents to sign-up for your Madonna University email account and choose your password.

Stay connected! Contact your department for instructions on getting started in your program.

Contact your advisor. Your Graduate Advisor’s name, email, and contact number are provided in your admission letter. Your advisor’s contact information is also located on the web.

Next Steps:


 Admissions Procedures

You may apply online, or contact the Graduate School to request forms: 734-432-5667 or

  1. Submit completed forms to the Graduate School as follows:
    If starting Fall Semester: before Aug. 15
    If starting Winter Semester: before Dec. 15
    If starting Summer Semester: before April 15

  2. Note: For applications to the Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Program, the application deadline is January 2 with admission interviews in January, February and March. Applications will be accepted after the January deadline at the discretion of the Program Directors if spaces remain in the program. Review the Nurse Practitioner Admission Policy for further details. Early admission deadline is October 31.

  3. Applicants should request official transcripts from each institution of higher learning they attended as an undergraduate or graduate student. Only official transcripts sent to the Graduate School will be accepted for admission credentials. The Graduate School will request transcripts from the registrar for Madonna University graduates. In some cases, transcripts from other colleges may not be available in the graduate's file. Have transcripts sent to:

    Madonna University
    The Graduate School
    36600 Schoolcraft Road
    Livonia, Michigan 48150-1176

  4. Applicants should arrange to have their GRE (Graduate Records Examination) results for nursing and hospice applications sent to the Graduate School. The Madonna University score reporting code is 1437-3 (GRE).

  5. Applicants should also request two professional associates or college instructors to complete the Recommendation Form. These should be returned directly by your associate.

  6. Once the application file is complete, applicants are scheduled for an admission interview.

  7. After the department has reviewed the admission file, applicants are assigned an admission status. The Dean of the Graduate School informs the applicant of acceptance by letter. Applicants are assigned an admission status from the following:

    Regular Admission: Applicants who meet all the admission criteria.

    Conditional Admission: Applicants who do not meet the criteria for regular admission, yet appear to possess potential for success in graduate studies, may be granted conditional admission to the program. This includes applicants with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0, a low score on the graduate admission test required by the department, insufficient work experience, or an unsatisfactory writing assessment. Applicants are admitted under the condition that they must achieve a 3.0 GPA in the first 9 cr. of coursework approved by the department, or under the conditions set by the admission committee in the department. Students must qualify for regular admission within one calendar year.

    Special Status: Students in the process of being admitted to a graduate program (with the exception of Psychology) may register on a pre-admission status with the permission of the Dean of the Graduate School. While on Special Status, Business Administration programs accept a maximum of 4 cr. of coursework toward a degree; all other departments accept a maximum of 6 cr. of coursework. Permission to take graduate courses as a Special Status student does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.

    Non-degree Students: Permission to enroll in classes on a non-degree status may be granted by the Dean of the Graduate School. This category is for students who do not seek admission to a graduate program.
 Admissions Policies

Transfer Students
Students may transfer a maximum of 6 cr. of graduate credit from another institution. Transfer courses are accepted on the basis of their equivalency to courses in Madonna University programs.

Guest Students
Students enrolled at another institution may register for courses at Madonna University on a guest-student basis by presenting a completed Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) program form to the Graduate School Office. Guest students must have written approval from their home institution to ensure credits will be accepted there.

Graduate students of Madonna University may obtain a guest pass for a course at another institution provided the course in question is not offered during an upcoming academic year and waiting for the course will cause severe inconvenience. Students must have written approval of their specialty advisor, the Dean of the Graduate School, and the Registrar prior to registering for a course at another institution. The time limit for the guest pass is one semester.

Second Master's Degree
Students with a master’s degree in another field are evaluated individually to determine course equivalencies. Students studying for a second master’s degree may transfer (or apply Madonna University credits) up to a maximum of 12 graduate credits toward a second master’s degree. These credits must be relevant to the second degree program and no more than eight years old. Students must complete a minimum of 24 cr. of graduate course work, which may include a thesis or research project, at Madonna University.

Enrollment in Courses by Senior Students
Madonna University students of senior standing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may register for up to 6 cr. of graduate courses with approval of the specialty department and the Dean of the Graduate School. Credits may be used in only one of the following two ways:

  1. To meet requirements for the bachelor's degree and thus appear on the undergraduate transcript
  2. To apply toward the master's degree and thus appear on the graduate transcript

Graduate credits do not apply toward both the bachelor's and master's degree. Permission to take graduate credit courses does not constitute admission to the graduate program.

 Admissions Forms

Letter of Recommendation Form
All Graduate School applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from professional associates. Only recommendation forms received by the Graduate School in an envelope sealed and signed by the recommender across the back seal will be accepted.

Transcript Request Form
All Graduate School applicants must have official transcripts sent to the Graduate School from any and all universities and/or colleges they have attended. Only official transcripts sent directly to the Graduate School from the schools are acceptable as admission credentials.

Statement of Goals/Purpose
Many of the graduate programs require applicants to submit a Statement of Goals/Purpose with their application materials. Applicants may use the provided form or submit a word document outlining their interest and goals for enrolling in the program.

Criminal History Form
Applicants to the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology program must complete and submit a Criminal History Form with their other required application materials.

Graduate Non-Degree Registration Form