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Rental of University Facilities

    Facility Type         Capacity    
    Classroom         20 – 100    
    Conference Room         20    
    Lecture Hall         220 – 320    
    Performance Hall         320    
    Dining Hall         175 - 350    
    Gym (Wood Floor/Bleachers)         600    
    Softball diamond (turf)         200    
    Baseball diamond (grass)         300    
    Soccer field (turf)         200    

Madonna University with its peaceful and convenient Livonia campus offers classroom, lecture, conference, and meeting space for rent. While not all of our facilities are made available for rent to the general public, Madonna University’s individualized and special programs occasionally allow for rental opportunities of our Athletic facilities and other unique facilities.

For more information, please see the chart to the right and contact or for more details.

In addition to room rental, Madonna University provides additional room support and services – additional charges may apply:

  • Computer and Projection - Available in classrooms, meeting rooms, and lecture halls at no additional charge. Charges apply in dining hall and/or other facilities.
  • Portable Microphone and Lectern, Microphone, Flip Chart with markers, and Video Conferencing (compressed video) - Available in classrooms, meeting rooms, gym, lecture halls, & dining hall.
  • Technical Support - Available in classrooms, meeting rooms, gym, lecture halls, dining hall, & athletic facilities.

Licensees are responsible for any loss or damage to audio visual equipment occurred during the rental.